All the benefits of 7Fr with no need to upgrade your hardware

Through better design, the Insightra Ultra 7Fr catheter allows common fluid-filled technology in a smaller catheter with no compromise on lumen size.

This ULTRA 7FR IAB catheter is a true 7Fr (including the wrapped balloon), so it will pass through all 7Fr sheaths.

7Fr means a 23% reduction on cross-sectional area (vs. a competitive 8Fr), which results in over 20% better distal blood flow in a 4.0mm femoral artery.(1)

Full Range of Sizes

IAB catheter sizes and dimensions have been developed over many years. The ratio of length to diameter is a critical part of the fluid dynamics, augmentation and clinical support of IAB catheters. The ULTRA 7FR IAB range uses tried and tested sizes that have been used with excellent results for over a decade.

There is a delicate balance between getting the right diameter of the balloon and “over sizing” which could bring the balloon in constant contact with the delicate inner surface of the aorta. Insightra Medical offers a range of balloons to match patient height. It is the only full range of 7Fr catheters – with the specialty sizes of 30cc and below designed for patients that have the highest need of a 7Fr catheter – small patients.

Unique ULTRA 7FR IAB Design

By using proprietary manufacturing techniques, Insightra Medical offers the ULTRA 7FR IAB catheter with 8Fr comparable inflation and deflation performance – no compromise. Through a unique combination of a patented low angle V-shaped hub, thin yet strong wall construction and inner surfaces that allow for unhindered gas flow – the ULTRA 7FR IAB gives unrivalled performance in amazingly small 7 Fr catheter profile.

“It’s not easy to make a 7FR IAB catheter that actually works.”

In critical patients, where distal flow is compromised, the size of the IAB catheter is a crucial factor in clinical outcomes. Smaller is better. But that only works if the performance of the catheter for both inflation and deflation is not reduced. Insightra Medical offers the amazing ULTRA 7FR IAB Range. We have packed 8Fr ballooin performance into an amazingly small 7Fr catheter.

Achieving 8Fr Performance in a 7Fr Catheter

No compromise: The Insightra ULTRA 7FR IAB can deliver response times comparable to an 8Fr catheter in a 7Fr diameter – allowing patients to benefit from a smaller profile in the leg and full performance in the aorta

It’s all about the design. The Insightra IAB was designed from the ground up as a 7Fr device with:

  • Strong, thin-walled catheter to maximize gas shuttle area.
  • Full-size 0.028” central lumen, which takes a 0.025” guidewire to ensure smooth delivery and better pressure signal transmission.
  • Strong yet thin polyurethane balloon, which allows for fast response times.

8Fr Response Performance in a 7Fr Device(2)

Proprietary V-Hub Technology

Designed for improved gas flow rates, allowing faster gas shuttling and excellent clinical performance.

  • The Most Complete Range of 7Fr IAB Catheters

    We believe that all patients deserve the merits of 7Fr technology. To that end, we provide the most complete range of 7Fr catheters. In small and shorter patients, with reduced vessel size, it becomes even more critical to use the appropriate balloon volume. That’s why we offer 30cc, 25cc and 20cc, for when true 7Fr really counts. Combine a complete range of catheters with the flexibility to use them on most old and new pumping systems, and the benefits of 7Fr therapy now becomes available to a broader range of patients.

  • Quality Your Patients Can Depend On

    We test every balloon we manufacture before it is packed and shipped. Each balloon we make undergoes rigorous manufacturing and test procedures.

    We put every single balloon through a 50,000-cycle test to ensure every component is up to the job. That means inflation number 1 in the patient is inflation number 50,001 for the balloon. The Insightra ULTRA 7FR IAB is based on years of clinical experience in thousands of patients.

Compatible Pumps

  • Datascope

    System 97, 98, 98XT, CS100, CS300
  • Arrow

    ACAT, AutoCat, AutoCat 2, AutoCat 2 Wave, KAAT II
In accordance with the regulatory bodies, Insightra Medial has provided both non-clinical and clinical test data to the FDA and CE bodies to ensure safe compatibility of the ULTRA 7FR IAB with the most common pumping consoles on the market. This is part of the complex approval and Insightra holds all of the data on file.

Accessories Tray

Adaptor for arrow Pump

Adaptor for Datascope Pump

Main Tray

The Insightra Medical ULTRA 7FR IAB catheter is designed and constructed in Japan by Insightra’s exclusive TMP – one of the most trusted names in IABP technology. The final product is kitted and assembled by hand in the United States. It is the only balloon on the market that undergoes our rigorous 100% inspection of each and every balloon combined with 100% benchtop testing in a specially constructed aortic simulator. Each and every balloon that is built is placed on a test rig and tested for performance for over 12 hours, and 50,000 inflation cycles, before its packed and shipped. A combination of the highest standards of Japanese and American craftmanship and quality control ensure an incredibly high quality of product.

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